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CoonDogg Drink Recipe

28 February 2012

CoonDogg Drink Recipe 1 oz Crown Royal Canadian whisky 1/2 oz blackberry brandy 1/2 oz 7-Up soda Mix together then strain through ice. Drink Link: CoonDogg Drink Recipe

Cool Kid Drink Recipe

27 February 2012

Cool Kid Drink Recipe 1 part tequila 1 part vodka 1 part Sprite soda Pour ingredients in a hurricane glass, mix it up, and serve. Drink Link: Cool Kid Drink Recipe

Cool Cow Drink Recipe

26 February 2012

Cool Cow Drink Recipe 2 cups milk 1/2 tsp almond extract 4 tsp honey Place all ingredients into a blender jar. Cover, and whiz on medium speed until well blended. Pour into a collins glass, and serve. Drink Link: Cool Cow Drink Recipe

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