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Mandarin Bomb Drink Recipe

28 February 2010

Mandarin Bomb Drink Recipe 1 oz Absolut Mandrin vodka 4 oz Red Bull energy drink Add the Red Bull to a pilsner glass. Drop a shot of Absolut Mandrin into the glass, and drink immediately. Drink Link: Mandarin Bomb Drink Recipe

Lemonade Bomb Drink Recipe

27 February 2010

Lemonade Bomb Drink Recipe 1 can lemonade concentrate 3 cups Absolut vodka 7 cans beer Follow the instructions on the can of lemonade concentrate, but substitute the vodka for water. Mix well and add beer. Drink Link: Lemonade Bomb Drink Recipe

Kahlua Cobweb Drink Recipe

26 February 2010

Kahlua Cobweb Drink Recipe 1 1/2 oz Bundaberg dark rum 1 oz Kahlua coffee liqueur 1 scoop ice cream 5 oz Coca-Cola Add the ice cream to a highball glass. Pour the Bundaberg rum and Kahlua coffee liqueur. Top with coke, and serve. Drink Link: Kahlua Cobweb Drink Recipe

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