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Sexual Trance Drink Recipe

31 July 2008

Sexual Trance Drink Recipe 1 oz Absolut Citron vodka 1/2 oz Midori melon liqueur 1/2 oz Chambord raspberry liqueur 1/2 oz orange juice 1/2 oz pineapple juice 1 splash sweet and sour mix Shake well with ice and strain over ice cherry garnish. Drink Link: Sexual Trance Drink Recipe

Russian Sarin Drink Recipe

30 July 2008

Russian Sarin Drink Recipe 2 cl Absolut Kurant vodka 2 cl Midori melon liqueur Schweppes Russian tonic water Pour vodka and liqueur into a highball glass over one or two ice cubes. Fill with schweppes russian, and serve. Drink Link: Russian Sarin Drink Recipe

Russian Candy Drink Recipe

29 July 2008

Russian Candy Drink Recipe 1/2 shot vodka 1/2 shot peach schnapps 1 dash grenadine syrup Fill a shot glass with vodka and peach schnapps. Add a dash of grenadine (do not stir). Allow grenadine to settle at the bottom of the glass, and serve. Drink Link: Russian Candy Drink Recipe

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