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Fruit a La La Drink Recipe

30 June 2008

Fruit a La La Drink Recipe 6 cherries 6 strawberries 6 raspberries 1/2 cup 7-Up soda 1 pitless peach 12 grapes 1 banana 100 ml vodka Put all together in blender, and blend until smooth. Drink Link: Fruit a La La Drink Recipe

Flaming Yager Drink Recipe

29 June 2008

Flaming Yager Drink Recipe 1 shot Jagermeister herbal liqueur 1 glass Guinness stout Light the jagermeister on fire and drop it in the glass of guinness. Now pound it quick. There you go! Drink Link: Flaming Yager Drink Recipe

Flaming Rasta Drink Recipe

28 June 2008

Flaming Rasta Drink Recipe 1 part amaretto almond liqueur 1 part grenadine syrup 1 part Bacardi 151 rum Take a tall shot glass, a straw and a lighter. When the drink is poured make sure your 151 is on top. Take your straw and lick it so it is wet. Light the drink (run the […]

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